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At the site where now Kodai Resort Hotel stands once stood Overdane. One among the oldest buildings built by the British settlers, Overdane has a history that is as aged as the history of Kodaikanal. Built late in 1899, Overdane was then called Underhill. Later, the building was re-named to Hollowdene by Mr. A. G. Grover. The house was then sold to Mr. C. S. Schmidt on 19th July 1915, who then modified the building and gave it the name Overdane. After the death of Mr. Schmidt, Mrs. Schmidt sold Overdane to Mrs. Dores Hudson on 6th September 1943. Mrs. Dores Hudson was the wife of Major Arthur John Hudson. After India won its freedom, Mrs. Hudson moved to London; where she lived on No. 16, Newton Court, Kensington Church Street. Later, she sold Overdane to the Church of South India Trust Association on 14th July, 1949.

Lead by architect Mr. Salim, Kodai Resort Hotel, the best 3 star hotel in Kodaikanal was constructed in the year 1988. As a result of Mr. Salim’s persistent interest in retaining the old building, Kodai Resort Hotel’s lobby is still adorned with the 122-year-old fireplace that once kept the early English settlers warm. Hill Crest and The Den were the names of Overdane’s outhouses. To keep those names alive, the different amenities such as the mini-conference hall and the indoor recreation room at this premium luxury resort at Kodaikanal were named after them. As a tribute to the building that previously stood here and the early settlers who constructed it, the multi-cuisine restaurant at Kodai Resort Hotel – the best 3 star hotel in Kodaikanal,  is named  Overdane. With exquisitely delicious cuisines from all around the world, Overdane now assures one the content of rich dining.

It all started from here

Overdane, this majestic building built by the early English settlers once stood at the site where now Kodaikanal’s premium luxury resort stands.

A reminder of the past

The 122-year-old fireplace at the lobby of the resort originally belonged to Overdane. It was retained by the persistent interests of Mr.Salim, the resort’s architect.

Keeping memories alive

To keep the memories of Overdane and the people who built it alive, the multi-cuisine restaurant at Kodai Resort Hotel was named after it.