Built in 1891 this premium luxury stay resembles vintage colonial architecture on the exterior and a rich attention to detail contemporary interiors that evoke a sense of 20th-century elegance.

This boutique stays located within a 4-acre plantation with a long stretch of greenery and the bright hues of blue sky that suffuse your mind with peace and nostalgia.

Craigmore is located in Fairyfalls road, just 3km away from Kodai Resort Hotel.



Call us on +91 944 334 0106 for offers and booking

The residence is managed and serviced by professionals and backed up with food and beverages from Kodai Resort Hotel.

You are free to use all the facilities and amenities from our award winning Kodai Resort Hotel while having a peaceful and secluded stay away from the hustles and bustles of the city.

For Bookings Contact Us Now +91-9443340106